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DC Student Meal Finder During COVID-19 Outbreak


Enter your full address or zip code into this tool to find the nearest school/community sites serving meals to ALL STUDENTS during the coronavirus outbreak. The finder tells you the hours the site will provide grab-and-go meals and DC Central Kitchen/Martha's Table grocery pickup (while supplies last). All sites plan to serve meals as long as schools are closed. Families needing meals for their students may pick them up at any of these locations regardless of the school they attend.

This week's update includes DC Central Kitchen and Martha's Table grocery site hours at particular schools (while supplies last). We will update as we learn more site changes.

Last update: 4/13 at 8:45 p.m.

Impact of COVID-19 on DC Student Achievement

This report, published April 7, 2020, explores national research and local data to estimate the potential impact of coronavirus-related school closures on DC proficiency rates in 2021. Based on the best data available, we expect PARCC proficiency declines of about 1 percentage point for every week of lost instruction. 



Continuously Improve Distance Learning

On April 7th, we hosted a webinar where participants learned about the components of improvement science and how they apply to distance learning initiatives. The presentation and materials covered in the session are available at the link below.

2019 DC Report Card Dashboard


Quickly find and sort STAR data by student groups and metrics

Our latest DC report card dashboard combines multiple report views into one app, so users can efficiently access the report card scores of interest to them. We have multiple dashboards that can answer the following sample questions:

  • Which student groups improved the most on all of the report card metrics across the city?
  • How many schools increased their students with disabilities score in each ward?
  • Which middle schools score the highest for at-risk students?
  • What high schools had the most improved attendance?
  • How did my child's school do on all of the STAR metrics (growth, achievement, school environment, graduation, etc.) across all student groups measured?

Click here or the graphic at left to access the dashboard! Almost all of the charts are interactive, so hover around and click on things to gain additional insights! 

Find out more about the STAR report card with our resources and OSSE's resources.

This dashboard is only possible with the tremendous amount of data OSSE makes available along with their Report Card site.

Meet our 2019 Bold Performance School winners!

A record number of DC schools are proving higher achievement is possible for all students

Coming on the heels of nation-leading growth on NAEP, the Nation’s Report Card, a record 28 DC schools met our criteria for Bold Performance awards in 2019. Bold Performance award-winning schools are open enrollment schools that serve a high at-risk student population and have combined math and English language arts proficiency rates dramatically higher than similar schools.

Together, the 28 schools educate 10,759 students, of which 18% receive special education services and 57% are considered at-risk, ranging from 32% to 86%. An at-risk student is a child whose family qualifies for SNAP or TANF benefits, is placed in foster care, or is experiencing homelessness.

Seventeen of the Bold Performance award-winning and honorable-mention schools are located east of the Anacostia River in Ward 7 and Ward 8, three in Ward 6, four in Ward 5, two in Ward 4, and one each in Wards 2 and 1.  


Our Services to Schools and Support Organizations

Since 2015, EmpowerK12 has supported schools and school support organizations to become more data-driven. What does that mean? Start by checking out our Rubric for Data-Driven Culture for School Systems. We provide multi-tiered support covering data infrastructure, data reporting, coaching, and evaluation services. 

Our Core Work:

  • Data Dashboards
  • School Data Warehouses
  • Coaching for School Leaders and Data Managers
  • Robust Evaluations of What's Working in K-12
  • Strategic Support for schools aiming to be an EmpowerK12 Bold Performance or Bold Improvement School via data-driven continuous improvement best practices



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We are passionate about closing the achievement gap so we partner with organizations that serve a broad spectrum of student populations 

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Our approach is to coach teachers, leaders and analysts to grow and sustain data practices

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