On July 12, EmpowerK12 Announced First-Ever BOLD Improvement School Winners!

Lessons from DC's Bold Improvement Schools

Bold Improvement Schools are Closing the Gap

Each of the Bold Improvement schools demonstrates annual student academic growth that meets or exceeds the growth at DC's higher-income schools. Altogether, the Bold Improvement schools are on pace to close the achievement gap in a little over 3 years.

Common Bold Improvement Practices

All 10 schools have a relentless commitment to high expectations for staff and students, are deeply invested in teacher quality, ensure support for the whole child, engage their students' families in unique ways, and are driven to find the additional resources their school needs to be successful.

Unique Ideas from Bold Leaders

We also learned several unique practices at Bold Schools when we toured the schools and interviewed staff. Each of their ideas was driven by data and part of a cycle of continuous improvement.

Our Approach


We are passionate about closing the achievement gap so we partner with organizations that serve a broad spectrum of student populations 

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Our approach is to coach teachers, leaders and analysts to grow and sustain data practices

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We believe in a unique and customized consulting experience for each and every client

Our Services to Schools, CMOs, and School Support Organizations

Since 2014, EmpowerK12 has supported schools and school support organizations to become more data-driven. What does that mean? Start by checking out our Rubric for Data-Driven Culture for School Systems. We provide multi-tiered support covering data infrastructure, data reporting, coaching, and evaluation services.

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