DC Student Meal Finder during COVID-19 Outbreak

Additional Information

The finder above includes all school sites serving meals to ALL STUDENTS, including both DCPS and public charter school sites. We will continue to update this site as more information becomes available. Families needing meals for their students may pick them up at any of these locations regardless of the school they attend. 

Additionally, many local restaurants are offering takeout meals for students under the age of 18 with valid school ID. Learn more here.

To learn more about the District's coronavirus response, please click the button below.

Change log

Comprehensive list of updates made to map

  • March 15 p.m.: created map with all known DCPS sites as well as PCS (ECA, DCB, Friendship, IDEA, KIPP, MM Bethune, NCP) sites as of Sunday night
  • March 16 a.m.: added Capital City, Rocketship, Thurgood Marshall, Paul PCS, Eagle Academy, Howard U MS2 sites at metro stations, Ingenuity Prep, and Kingsman
  • March 16 p.m.: added Children's Health at THEARC
  • March 17 a.m.: added DC Prep, EL Haynes, Inspired Teaching, LAMB, Meridian, Next Step, WLA
  • March 17 p.m.: removed a couple schools that didn't have enough food to serve all students, added Roosevelt HS and Thomas ES
  • March 23 a.m.: additional DCPS sites starting the 25th added including Hendley, Langdon, Marie Reed, Miner, Ron Brown, Simon, SWS @ Francis-Stevens, Thomson, Truesdell, and Wilson. Also, KIPP Benning added starting today. BASIS, KIPP College Prep, KIPP Smilow Campus, and Rocketship removed. KIPP hours modified to provide 3 meals twice a week (Mon & Wed) to reduce amount of contact.
  • March 24 a.m.: ECA removed. Friendship distribution days changed to Mon/Weds/Fri