EmpowerK12 DC STAR and Report Card Resources and Data Tools

We offer the interactive data dashboards and reports below as a resource for the DC community to explore publicly-available data from OSSE. They are best viewed on a desktop via Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. 


Learn more about STAR

For those just getting up to speed on DC's new school report card and STAR framework, here are our recommendations for places to learn more about them, including 3 new blog posts by EmpowerK12.

Look Beyond the Overall STAR Score

We expect many in the media to focus mainly on the overall ratings and scores of schools. EmpowerK12 highly encourages everyone to look beyond the overall score. This post explains why. Click below.

How the PMF and STAR are Similar and Different

Many people are familiar with the Public Charter School Board's PMF tier system for charter schools. The new District-wide STAR framework is similarly constructed in many ways. This blog post highlights how they are the same and yet distinctly different tools.

Decoding STAR's Unique Metrics

We posted 3 new blog entries to help education stakeholders from policymakers to educators to parents contextualize the new STAR rating system. This post digs into some of the new metrics that comprise school scores and are newly reported measures.

OSSE's Report Card informational video

We recommend starting your STAR and report card engagement by watching this 2-minute overview video about the report card.

Comprehensive Report Card information for families and educators from OSSE

Click below to go direct to the official OSSE information page with comprehensive details about the STAR framework and new DC school report card.

Single School STAR Information Tools

Detailed Dashboard by School


This dashboard shows how a single selected school performed by framework, student group, and individual metric.

What Went Into My School's Score


 Use this tool to explore all of the components that made up a school's final STAR score. 

Mobile-friendly School Dash


This mobile-friendly version of the school level dashboard can help families learn more about a school's STAR score.

DC 2018 STAR School Comparison Tools

By Overall Score and Framework Scores


This dashboard can be utilized to compare multiple schools' overall STAR score and score by school level framework.

By Student Group Scores


This dashboard can be utilized to compare multiple schools' STAR score at the student group level (e.g. At-Risk, Students with Disabilities, etc.)

By STAR Metric Level Results


Use this tool to look at school performance on specific STAR metrics like attendance, growth to proficiency, and re-enrollment.

For Fun: STAR Result Aquarium Visualization


This more "fun" look at STAR scores is a live aquarium where every fish is a school, and the size of the fish is based on the selected framework.

DC 2018 Equity Report Data Tool

Equity Dashboard


This dashboard utilizes Equity Report data and STAR report card from the last 3 years to explore changes in metric performance across schools. Metrics include in-seat attendance, PARCC growth, graduation, mobility, and discipline data.