EmpowerK12 DC Data Tools

We offer these interactive data dashboards and reports as a resource for the DC community to explore publicly available data from OSSE. They are best viewed on a desktop via Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Several of the dashboards have a more mobile-friendly version with reduced interactive functionality and fewer visualizations. 

DC 2018 PARCC Data Tools

NEW! PARCC Dashboard

Our new interactive PARCC dashboard showing proficiency, change in proficiency, at-risk correlations, and performance by PARCC level.

PARCC By School

SY17-18 PARCC proficiency and
change in proficiency 


PARCC proficiency and change in proficiency by Ward & ANC of school

PARCC By Neighborhood

PARCC proficiency and change in proficiency by neighborhood of school 

PARCC By Demographic

PARCC proficiency and change in proficiency by race, gender, ELL, special ed, and economically disadvantaged


See results by Local Education Agency. DCPS and every public charter school network operates as independent LEA in the District, reporting to the state agency, OSSE.

DC 2018 Mobile-Friendly PARCC Data Tools

Explore by School

This pared-down version of our new dashboard is more mobile-friendly.

Explore Wards

SY17-18 PARCC results aggregated at the Ward level. Best view for mobile.

Explore ANCs

PARCC proficiency and change in proficiency by ANC of school. Best view for mobile.

DC 2017 Equity Report Data Tool

Equity Dashboard

Equity Report data from SY16-17, incl. PARCC growth, graduation, attendance, and discipline data